Anchor Release
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Ultimate Anchor Release

Position and stop your drift boat when and where you want it

The rugged aluminum housing retrofits any standard drift boat, has a lower profile than the competition to help keep it out of the way, and fits rope sizes 1/2” and 5/8”. The rope guide at the ‘pull’ end of the housing features stainless steel guide posts that allow

Anchor Release

the oarsmen to secure the anchor while out of the boat for a clean and easy push off, then immediately attend to the oars.The special bronze alloy used in our foot peddle makes it the most wear resistant on the market. And although it costs more than the brass or aluminum materials typically used in competitive products, superb performance, durability and longevity are worth the investment! Our unique hand-designed teeth provide maximum grip on the rope the instant you let off the peddle. The foot peddle also incorporates a simple and unique rope guard that keeps the tag end of your anchor rope from tangling under the peddle.

Anchor Release

The anchor release utilizes an industrial-grade spring system to move the foot peddle back into position once the oarsman releases the foot peddle, allowing the teeth of the foot peddle to instantly grip the rope and hold it in place exactly where you want it. The stainless steel screw on the top of the housing allows for easy replacement and maintenance of this vital part, illustrating Regal’s desire to create functional and practical products for the field

Anchor Release

“Our custom designed teeth are produced with a special bronze that reduces wear”

DIMENSIONS: 7 3/4 L x 3 3/4 H x 3 1/2 W

WEIGHT: 2 lb. 1oz.