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Regal Bronze Oar Locks

Something So Basic--Now even so Much Better!

The aperture in the top of the oar lock is engineered with a tighter tolerance than the competition to insure that the oar stays put and continues to provide you the necessary control you require to accurately maneuver the boat.

Oar Lock

Oar Lock

The tighter gap, coupled with the durability of our bronze material means that the chances of popping the oar will be significantly reduced.

A further improvement to the basic design is the extension of the shaft from the standard 3 to 5 inches, which is 2” longer than the average oar lock. The addition of the nylon bushings allow the oarsman to quickly adjust the height of the oars for comfortable positioning. We believe that when rowing is shared throughout a day of floating, one oarsman should be as comfortable as the next. A half an inch adjustment at the stem is a substantial change at the oar handle, and our oar locks can be quickly adjusted to accommodate any individual. It’s this kind of attention to seemingly ‘minor’ details that separates our products from the competition, enriching your experience on the water

Oar LocksOar Locks

“Customize bushing configurations for your needs”

DIMENSIONS: 8 7/8 L x 3 3/16 W x 7/8 W

WEIGHT: 1 lb. 3oz. Each

RETAIL PRICE: $79.95 1 Pair