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Anchor Arm

Anchor Arm Rope Guide

“Simple, innovative changes untangle fishing frustrations”

"Say Goodbye To Tangles" Made of strong yet lightweight aluminum for lasting durability, our new rope guide features an enclosed top to prevent tangling with your flies or lures, and two convenient sight windows aid in quickly threading new anchor

Anchor Arm

ropes when the need arises. These simple design features will save hours of frustration on the water, allowing you to focus on fishing, not problem solving.

Anchor Arm

The Anchor Arm Rope Guide is a must-have for fishing guides to help make the client experience more enjoyable, or anyone that spends time floating rivers.

Anchor Arm

"Nylon Pulleys Ensure Durability, Reliability and Quiet operation"

DIMENSIONS: 14 5/16 L x 8 5/16 H x 3 1/16 W

WEIGHT: 2 lb. 2oz.