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Our manufacturing expertise and passion for Fly Fishing allow us to create functional, reliable products that work beyond expectations. This fact should not come as a surprise to anyone. We also manufacture the hugely popular REGAL VISE line of products. These are world renowned for lasting generations and functioning flawlessly. This same REGAL VISE quality and expert craftsmanship have been engineered and built into our line of BOAT HARDWARE.

Take our ANCHOR RELEASE system for an example. It releases the anchor exactly when you want it, and instantly grips the rope to insure your boat is positioned where you want it . Innovative features include a rope guard on the foot peddle to eliminate tangling, a problem that prevents a quick and timely release, and rope guides that allow the user to pull the anchor in while out of the boat for a smooth push off. The foot peddle is made of a specially formulated bronze alloy, one of the toughest materials available, and has superior wear-resistant properties. Our tooth design was created through extensive testing to ensure a secure grip on the rope at all times, and is simply the best rope bite system ever. All parts are manufactured from non-corrosive materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and bronze.

Another example of design ingenuity is our REGAL BRONZE OAR LOCKS. It’s difficult to understand how one oar lock can differ from one another, being similar in form, function and material (yellow brass); however, we set out to evaluate the performance of drift boat oar locks and our attention focused on two key areas; durability and functionality. The shaft length was increased by 2”, and accompanying nylon bushings allow you to quickly customize the height for a better rowing position. Our base material is composed of High Strength Manganese Bronze, which is about two times stronger than brass, and has superior wear resistance. Brass simply cannot match these important characteristics. Brass will flex or bend, often right before it breaks—and breakage can land you in a precarious situation. If you have ever popped an oar at a critical moment, you understand! While bronze is costlier than brass, you can’t put a price on reliability and safety in the elements.

The new REGAL ANCHOR ARM ROPE GUIDE continues the tradition of performance excellence with simple design changes that yield major benefits. Fishing from the back of the boat no longer means having to deal with tangled flies or lures in your anchor rope because the top of the anchor arm is enclosed, and sight windows allow for quick threading of new anchor rope. Try any of our products to benefit from our expertise in the field, and experience the REGAL difference.

You can see our complete line of Fly Tying Vises and Accessories at WWW.REGALVISE.COM